Socat 使用時機

  • TCP port forwarder
  • External Socksifier
  • 攻擊較弱的防火牆 (Security Testing)
  • the shell interface of unix sockets
  • IPv6 Supported
  • Redirect TCP oriented programs to a serial line
  • Connect serial lines among different computers logically
  • Establish a more safety and secure environment

Socat 安裝方式

  • 直接尋找 repository: (安裝資訊紀錄於 rpmforge repository)
sudo yum install socat
  • Source Code downloading
cd /opt
sudo wget
sudo tar -zxvf socat-
cd ./socat-
sudo ./configure
sudo make
sudo make install

Socat 使用與操作

  • TCP redirect to another location : 下例為藉由 TCP protocol 連入本機的 port 8100 時,重新導向至 IP 為 位址,port 為 80
sudo socat TCP-LISTEN:8100,fork TCP:

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